Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I did it!

So I did it.  After reading many blogs and seeing their usefulness for updates, I have started this blog.  I know my page is boring and not cute but I suspect my sweet sister can help me update it at Christmas.  Until then we will deal.  So here's my official first post . . .

Riley recently joined me at the kitchen table while I was sewing.  This was early one Sunday morning.  She had been experimenting with a set of little snippers (thread-cutting scissors) mainly ripping scraps of fabric all the while I was yelling "watch your fingers."  She is obviously not very good at her scissor skills, for one thing she is 2, the other problem is she is a lefty in a righty world!  But then she found my "good" serrated scissors . . . and here was the end result. . . 

Good thing I have lots of tape measures!


  1. Cute Rachel and Yippee for a blog!

  2. I found you! This totally cracks me up, look at how PROUD she is of her "accomplishment"! Looking forward to more posts~

  3. Merry Christmas! Happy I found this... looking forward to more of your adventures.